May 052021

On the evening of Tuesday, May 4, Cordelia Fire Protection District crews responded to reports of a fire on westbound Hwy 80 East of American Canyon. The incident started at about 18:00 as a vehicle fire, but quickly ignited nearby dry grass, causing a vegetation fire. With the hot and windy conditions and the fire growing quickly, two alarms were initially called. The Cordelia Fire crew was first on the scene.

Cordelia Fire District Chief Dave Carpenter reported that their crew of four firefighters did an excellent job fighting the fire, which grew to over 3 acres within just five to ten minutes. The crew split up, putting half the firefighters on the vehicle fire and the others on the vegetation fire. Because multiple crews were able to respond quickly, the fire was contained to just 3.7 acres. Cal Fire, Fairfield Fire, Suisun Fire District, American Canyon, and Vallejo Fire also responded to the incident.

Fire crews say this incident is an example of how fires can quickly spread with the combined dangerous conditions of extremely dry land and hot, windy weather. This is another reminder that fire season is already upon us, and that we all need to be aware of the dangers, remain vigilant, and make fire safety a priority.

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