Jan 272022

The Cordelia Fire Protection District (CFPD) and Green Valley Fire Safety Council (GVFSC) now have a new message board under the Kiosk at Green Valley Road and Rockville Road that should be readable from your car when you stop at the intersection. It will have messages regarding upcoming inspections as well as other messages of interest to local residents. We added the sign to enhance our communications regarding current status of our activities in the area. We hope this will be helpful to our neighbors.

We will continue conducting fire hazard inspections in the Highlands on Saturday, January 29. As of last weekend, the CFPD and GVFSC had jointly performed a little over 100 LE-100 fire hazard inspections in Highlands starting at Amaral Ct. It was a rewarding experience because it provided an opportunity to meet many more residents of the District face-to-face while helping educate our neighbors.

Many informational packages on home hardening have been distributed along with lists of tree services local residents have recommended as good companies. The CFPD does not recommend any company but is happy to share District residents’ recommendations with others. Also distributed were colorful CAL FIRE refrigerator magnets that provide a quick reference for areas around the home to harden. If anyone in our District would like more of any of the informational materials we’re distributing, please message us on Nextdoor or contact the CFPD and we’ll get them to you.

We greatly appreciate the positive reception to the inspections and the willingness to learn new ways to fire harden homes and property. Many properties visited had already been receiving excellent attention by the owners. Congratulations and great job!! For those with more work to do, your openness to suggestions was appreciated.

If any of our District residents need to make improvements but cannot perform the work or readily afford an outside service, please contact either the GVFSC or CFPD. We are in the early stages of discussing how to set up “neighbors helping neighbors” for those who need a hand. We are all in this together and are considering ways to help each other.

We will be continuing inspections in the Highlands for the next several weeks before moving on to other areas in the District (we have many hundreds of properties to inspect in the District before we get too far into Spring. We will post in advance which areas on which days on the new bulletin board at the corner of Rockville and Green Valley as well as on social media.

Again, a big thank you to all the volunteers performing the inspections and many thanks to the residents of our District for all the hard work and your openness to our visits.

Dec 072021
Duck waddles off after begin rescued by Cordelia Fire Protection District Crew
Duck waddles off after begin rescued by Cordelia Fire Protection District Crew
The rescued duck waddled off to be greeted by the brood with a frenzy of quacks

Cordelia Fire District crews performed a duck rescue operation when this curious little waterfowl fell into a drain pipe and couldn’t find its way out. The duck became trapped in a 6-foot drain pipe in a private reservoir pond off Rockville Road. The drain pipe has a 90 degree bend at the bottom with about a 150 foot pipe that empties into another area where the duck could escape. Unfortunately, the duck couldn’t see the escape route, and instead was trying to get back up the 6-foot vertical pipe, and wouldn’t move down to the connecting pipe to find the exit.

Cordelia Fire worked with the property owner to find a solution. To encourage the duck to move down the connecting pipe and out to freedom, the rescuers lowered a basketball into the pipe and then slowly flooded the pipe with water to gently nudge the duck along the escape route and out to safety.

Chief Dave Carpenter remarked that the duck was warmly greeted with a frenzy of quacking by the rest of the brood, who seemed genuinely concerned and grateful for their friend’s safe return.