Aug 282021

Today a great crew worked hard to continue the Station 29 site cleanup (next to old Falls School site on Rockville) started last year. Trees were removed to increase the fire break around the station, shrubs were cut back and pruned to improve the appearance and reduce fuel near the station, and volunteers pressure washed the living quarters prior to prepare for painting in the near future.

The team worked from 6:30am to past noon despite the heat and smoke. Many are not aware of this, but we are staffing the station on most nights now, but usually after dinner at Station 31 in Cordelia. We have high hopes that the Station 29 site will be the location of improvements at some point.

Many thanks to Father John’s crew who did tree cutting and branch removal, Napa Recycling for their assistance with dumpsters and trucks, the resident fire fighters who pitched in with everything, CFPD Board members who took time from their weekends to help, Chief Carpenter to assisted despite his long week, neighbors like Tom Giugni who volunteered with the clean up, GVLA for lunch for the team, and most importantly to Tim Senior who organized this entire effort and worked tirelessly to secure the donations of time and resources.

We have more to do including additional tree removal, painting, etc., and will be back at it perhaps later this year.

Glen Langstaff, CFPD Board Member


May 012021
Members of Green Valley Fire Safe Council and Cordelia Fire Protection District gathering in front of the new Fire Safety Bulletin Board for a ribbon cutting.

On Wildfire Community Preparedness Day (May 1) Cordelia Fire Protection District (CFPD) and Green Valley Fire Safe Council (GVFSC) gathered for a ribbon cutting ceremony celebrating the newly erected Fire Safety Bulletin Board on Rockville Road and Green Valley Road. The board will be used to post fire prevention and safety updates for Green Valley residents.

Officials from Cal Fire also were also on hand to discuss fire prevention strategies and distribute wildfire action plan information.

GVFSC president Rochelle Sherlock addressed the crowd and thanked the Council members, County officials, CFPD and other agencies involved in the collaborative effort.

The GVFSC also organized a Green Waste event where Green Valley and Rockville Road residents could drop off their green waste. The goal is to encourage residents to reduce wildfire risk and create defensible space around their homes by thinning dense vegetation and removing ladder fuels as well as dead and fallen trees. Creating defensible space gives fire fighters a better chance to protect property when threatened by wildfire.

Additional green waste drop off days are scheduled on May 24 and June 21. Advance registration is required. Learn more and register at

CFPD Fire Chief Dave Carpenter praised the efforts of the GVFSC for spearheading these events, helping to educate the public about fire safety, and supporting the community with the critical tasks necessary to reduce wildfire risk.