Oct 202021
Volunteer Amabassadors listen as Cordelia Fire Protection District Chief Carpenter conducts fire hazard inspection training
Volunteer Ambassadors learned to identify fire hazards during a recent training conducted by Cordelia Fire District Chief Dave Carpenter and Green Valley Fire Safety Council President Rochelle Sherlock (right)

Last Saturday a group of volunteer Ambassadors participated in continued training to conduct LE-100 Fire Hazard Inspections in the Cordelia Fire Protection District.

Home hardening is the number one defense we have against a major fire in our area. Preparing your home to resist flying embers and encroaching fire can produce a greater benefit than more fire fighters and engines. Whereas more fire fighters and engines are incredibly helpful, the best line of defense is taking responsibility for our properties and hardening them to help fire fighters defend our homes. Also, because fire fighting resources are limited, in the event of a major fire in the area there may not be enough fire fighters and equipment to protect everyone’s homes. As such, home hardening may be your ONLY line of defense.

The Fire District will start inspections in December when our area is not so dry, when the risk of clearing brush and grass and performing tree work is diminished. The Ambassadors will be conducting inspections on behalf of the Cordelia Fire Protection District and will pass on all inspection results to the District.

In addition to the inspections, they can also provide recommendations to help you harden your home beyond that required by code. If issues are found during an inspection, Ambassadors will work with you to provide sufficient time to address them. It is expected (and required by code) that any issues found will be corrected for the benefit of your property and that of your neighbors.

 If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Cordelia Fire Protection District and we’ll do our best assist you.

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