Map Symbols


————— Dirt Road – Dirt roads can be difficult or slippery to drive on.  They can also turn into mud during rain.  Use caution.

Ⓚ  Knox Gate –  A Knox Gate is a cantilevered gate system which can operate without any surface mounted tracks.  It does this by reversing the roles of wheels and tracks where the wheels are stationary and the tracks move.  It is often used to overcomes site problems such as sloping sideways, gravel driveways, paving or gardens which cannot be disturbed. It requires no concrete or other track bed and has no track on the ground that can be fouled with debris.

Y  FDC (Fire Dept. Connection) – When responding to a fire or potential fire, take advantage of knowing where your water sources are.

Ⓑ  Bridge –  Use caution crossing bridges as they may not be wide enough or strong enough to accommodate certain apparatus.

Ⓖ  Gate – Many Cordelia homes or roads are gated.  If responding to a call where a gate must be crossed, try if possible to have someone open prior to arrival or be prepared with an access code or key.  We have the codes/keys to most gates in Cordelia.

Ⓓ  Difficult Access – Many of the roads in Cordelia are not full sized and may not allow reasonable entrance with larger apparatus.  Be prepared if necessary to access these areas in a small vehicle or even by foot if necessary.

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