Driver/Operator & Engineer Resources


Resources for passing the Driver/Operator class and navigating the nightmare that is the DMV…


DMV – The bane of getting your D/O, FF Endorsement and Class B will dealing with the DMV.  Here’s what you’ll need…

  • Physician s Health Report DL 546A – DMV fun. Yay.
  • Pre-Trip_Class_B_Straight_Truck – This is by far, the best checkout guide we’ve been able to find online.  Know this and you’re square.  This is what you’ll need to know for your pre-trip inspection with Kemp.  **Note, while you must know the Cordelia checkout, this is what you’ll be tested on, via the DMV Pre-Trip Inspection/Skills eval below.

Driver Operator 1B previewDriver/Operator 1B

Class B testing – The Cordelia D/O checkout is essential to know, but the DMV Pre-Trip Inspection and Skills Evaluation is what you’ll actually be tested on. 

Driver/Operator Cheat Sheet – The one page bible for those in the class. DO Cheat sheet.

 Supplemental information

  •  Update to federal requirements for Medical Examiners card
  • Driver Training report – New drivers should print out 14 of these, or fill out each one for each day (or hour) of driving they get in.  Company Officers training the driver must sign the report.

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